Server is ready, 19 October 2006

The server is installed and ready and will be but into production on the 25 October, it will be
replacing our old Sun Enterprise 450.

Dell Poweredge 1800
2 x Xeon 3 GHz
2500MB memory
80GB + 4 x 250GB Sata II disks
Dell CERC 6 channel/1.5 raid card

More information, 18 September 2006

Sorry for the delay, due to illness and alot of work things got stalled. This is an update of the current situation.
We reached our goal, thanks to everyone that donated and specially thanks to the Swedish hosting company Loopia who donated
$1930 and with the private donations the total amount is $2424. This will allow us to buy a machine that will last a while

We have looked at a couple of alternative and so far the lot has fallen on Dell and more precise a Dell Poweredge 1800 with
the following specifications:
2 x Xeon 3GHz
2.5GB of memory
80GB + 3 x 250GB SATA II disks
Dell CERC 6 channel/1.5 raid card

If you have other proposals on hardware, dont hesitate to contact us.

                                                                                                                               Sweden, 27 August 2006
As you might have noticed, we've been experiencing some problems lately. The problems derives
from a broken machine, namely our main database server; thus we are running on low resources.

This is where you, dear NetBSD friend, are able to help us out since the NetBSD.SE project cannot afford
a new machine at the moment. If you are interested in helping us out, please consider making a donation:

Thank you, in advance
The NetBSD.SE project,
Fredrik Carlsson
Viktor Holmlund
Andreas Pettersson
Tobias Åström

Thanks to the following people who've contributed:

Mattias Nilsson
Dave Tyson
Tobias Nygren
Drahoslav Cagan
Emil Hessman
Branislav Zilka
Saku Setala